Learner Drivers Perth

Learner Drivers Perth


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an age limit to who can learn to drive?
    Yes!  You must be at least 17 years of age. As long as you are in possession of a valid UK provisional driving licence, have no health problems and have not been banned from driving, you can learn to drive...simple

  • What must I do before I take my first driving lesson?
    You will require a valid UK provisional driving licence - forms are available at most Post Offices. Once you have received your provisional driving licence, contact Fair City School Of Motoring and we will enrol you with one of our Driving Instructors.  Please ensure you bring both parts of your driving licence on your first lesson so that your driving instructor can record your details, as well as verifying that you do actually have a valid UK provisional driving licence.
  • Can I have a Driving Lesson before I receive my provisional driving licence?
    No! You must hold a provisional driving licence for the category of vehicle being driven before
    you can legally drive that vehicle on public roads.
  • Can I take my Practical Driving Test before my Theory and Hazard Perception Test? 
    No!  You must pass your ‘Theory & Hazard Perception Tests’ before you can book your ‘Practical Driving Test’.
  • I would like to do an intensive driving course. Is this something you do?
    Yes, we offer many intensive driving courses.  Please take time to review specific details on our website.
  • When can I start my intensive driving course?
    Before commencing an intensive driving course, you must wait until you have passed your theory test first. This is because the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) will not allow you to book a practical driving test until you are in possession of a valid theory test pass certificate. Once you have this, we can book your practical driving test.
  • Why take an intensive driving course? What are the benefits to me?
    Good question, but the answer is simple. You will save yourself a lot of time! At the beginning of the week you are a complete novice driver and by the end of the week (or a following week depending on which course you purchase) you have a full UK driving licence. Also, many people require their driving licence in order to secure a job….we see this all the time and the only solution is a well structured intensive driving course.




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